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I don't know about everyone on TTSJ and what their dieting habit are. However I do know mine. 

I recently decided that I was going to really focus on getting back in shape.  On top of everything else that I have going on in my life, dieting has never been at the top of my list.

It wasn't until about a week ago that I really started watching my calorie intake.  I really don't have time to keep a food journal either, nor do I have the want to carry around a stupid book just to do so!!

A friend of mine recently turned me on to  I must say I've been hooked.  I now keep track of my calories with their free calorie counter and FREE Food Journal.  As well as the community portion of the site with all kinds of support and motivation and recipes and the list could go on and on and on and... you get the point.

I really enjoy this site and felt that I should share it with you all.  It doesn't hurt to at least check it out :o)  I mean what could you lose? Other than a few addition pounds???

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