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I've been MIA Lately. I apologize!

It's officially FALL!! I'm curious if any of you did anything exciting for Summer Vacations....(still haven't taken my Honey Moon yet!)

I got married... that's about as exciting as my summer got... Other than that I worked!!!

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Ummmmm, I'm thinking getting married is a pretty exciting part of life, not to mention just the summer.
Oh believe me, It's pretty darned excited. And my wedding will always be a day that I will remember and wish I could go back to with the perfect weather and Karaoke and being with my best friends and wonderful family.

However, somebody else out there may have done something ultimately more exciting by their own standards.

Maybe somebody went to Egypt to see the Pyramids... or ran with the bulls, or scuba dived in Australia, or went to Paris and Bungee jumped off the Eiffel Tower

Or went to a really romantic exclusive resort, or ETC ETC...

I want to know what people DID this summer!!

I got to hang out with Tony Stewart and his family during the Allstate Brickyard 400 in July... That was pretty tops for me!!


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