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Just joined and was wondering if anyone knows the best cruise line for tall people. My fiance' is 6'9" and I would love to go on a cruise for our honeymoon but not if he's going to be uncomfortable and have to bend down wherever he goes!

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I have not been on a cruise but fellow TTSJ member Linda on here is actually putting together a Tall Cruise here on the site. I'd send her a message as she is tall and does bookings, and also check out this event.

Thanks for the great question and I hope some other people respond, since I've never even thought about a cruise being uncomfortable at 6'11, but I'll be its a major concern to address if I ever go on one.
Hi Stella:

I am also quite tall, as are both of my children (6' and 6'7) and my husband (6'5"), and we all loving cruising. Your fiance will have to duck through some of the doorways. There are a number of cruise lines that have "extenders" for the beds so that you'll be more comfortable, and they push the two twin beds together to make king or queen beds, which also adds to your comfort.

I am a travel agent in Atlanta and would be happy to help you select a cruise to the destination you have in mind....or perhaps an all-inclusive resort with great king-size beds, private patios, and even some with private plunge pools or jacuzzis on your verandah. The very deluxe all-inclusive resorts serve some of the best gourmet cuisine anywhere and unlimited premium beverage; some are somewhat more moderately priced -- but all have wonderful beaches in the Caribbean or Mexico. Please feel free to call me if I can be of help.

Linda Terrill


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