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UPDATE: There has been a group on "The Tall Street Journal" started for talking about tall cars. Cars For Tall People Group. There is a grid there of the top 12 cars people have been talking about.

Last year I went car shopping and for a man my size (6-11) it wasn't easy finding a car at all. Most car sites listed tall 6-2. Don't get me wrong thats still tall, but for the super tall, here are the ones I found. Lincoln Navigator
Honda Element
Mini Cooper

A friend of mine also drives a Scion xB that he likes, and he is around 6-8. The Navigator was the only one that really fit me, even though the Mini Cooper was surprisingly roomy. Even the Ford Excursion did not have the same room that the Navigator did, I guess cause the seat has more adjustments.

Wasn't crazy about buying a high-end gas guzzler, but figured I also wasn't crazy about losing my legs in my old Dodge Stratus should I get into a wreck.

What cars do you drive / find the most comfortable?

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Stay out of Hummers then, those things have zero headroom.


Have you tried a mini cooper?  Might look silly getting out of it like a clown car, but I remember them having surprisingly good headroom.  An old VW Beetle probably would too.


I wouldn't mind the mini cooper; I like the way it looks and would love the milage.  However, it is not versatile enough to meet other needs (pull a trailer to save money on driving my old F150 an hour to get remodeling supplies).  If I end up with a job where I commute a substantial distance I may have to think about the Cooper :). 

I live in a very northern climate, so the old VW Beetles really don't work for a variety of reasons.

I did try to mini cooper and it was a disappointment.  When the new 4 door came out, I rushed to the dealer filled with optimism but it was more of the same.  The last model beetle did have enough headroom but a girly kind of look.  The brand new beetles look awesome, though.  Alot like a porsche.  But, that new cool look killed the super extra headroom.  Driving an accord sedan right now. 
going by the numbers, it has more headroom than any other sedan out there.  But, now having back problems from slouching so much. Hence, my new interest in this site.  Thanks for your advice, though.  It is cool to "talk" to folks with the same issue

My friend who is 6'7 drives a Scion XB and loves it.  Kind of an odd boxy shape that might provide more headroom too.


I work around a lot of medical writer type people and one of my friends told me how if I was in a head-on collision in my old Dodge Stratus that there would be a good chance of my femur leg bone breaking and stabbing me through the heart.  I went out looking for cars the next day. ha


Of course with that I was getting sick of all these sites saying "tall cars" and then defining tall as 6'1".  Thus I started up The Tall Street Journal and its been awesome for getting all kinds of advice.  I ended up going with a Navigator and even got a sun roof that still left headroom, which typically they take away valuable headroom.  It was double good since I had a mohawk at the time that I could stick out the roof and make little kids laugh when I drove by.

Also if you haven't seen it we have a whole sub group on here about cars and an older listing I put together of what cars members were driving and how they liked them.

Thanks for the advice.  I test drove a base model Forester the other day and it had better headroom than any other vehicle I have ever tried.  I could almost sit up straight.  While that was cool, I was very frustrated to learn that the base model lacks just about every option a person could want.  I plan to keep looking around, though.  The Scion XB is on my list now.

I ended up buying an '03 Highlander a few weeks ago - most comfortable car to drive I have ever owned.  Also, still room for (normal) people to sit behind me without discomfort.  I have a 36-37" inseam and found the Pilot cramped for leg room.  The Highlander does not give me as much head room as the Pilot, but I do get around 3" of excess space (no sunroof) which is wayyyy better than any thing else I've owned. 

I did drive several Volvos, you might be surprised, they do have enough headroom that I could drive comfortably (with the typical seat lean back we all have to do in cars).  However, as with all cars, the seat is low to the floor and I am finding that sitting with my legs flat out in front of me on a long trip is becoming more problematic as I get older.

Anyway, strongly recommend a Highlander to anyone else out there looking, decent milage, lots of driver space and a generally versatile vehicle.

How about video game chairs for men that are 6'5?

I have a Ford Excursion..too bad it's such a gas guzzler, because the room in it is incredible.

I went out last weekend and tried on several cats.  I am 6'11" also, with my legs and torso pretty equal.  I also wear size 18 shoes.  Anyway, I tried pretty much all of the Toyotas, with believe it or not, the Venza as the best fit.  The Highlander was too tight for my knee between the steering wheel and the center console.  Same with the 4runner.  The Tundra and Sequoia did not have enough room between the seat and the roof.  Pretty ridiculous considering the size of the vehicles.


I also looked at Fords, with the F150 being the best fit.  I really liked the Flex, but the foot box area was pretty cramped for my size 18 gunboats. 


I've also tried the Venza and really liked it.  I had plenty of room all the way around and the seats were comfortable.  Also, the rear passenger area also had adequate room for a fairly large guy - helped a bunch by the reclining rear seats and the hatchback look of the Venza that leaves headroom available for a taller person (I generally can't sit in the rear seat of any passenger car due to the massively decreased headroom as the roof slants back down).

Also, the Venza in the four cylinder is quite peppy and I believe it is still rated at over 30 mpg.  When my wife and I look to replace our other car, the Venza will be seriously considered.  

Good luck on your search.

I'm 6'7" and I just got an '08 Nissan Versa about a month ago. I fit pretty well. I'm a bit slim, so bigger guys might have trouble. The headroom is pretty good. I can sit up straight and put both hands on my head, one on top of the other, and not touch the ceiling.

Leg room is not great, I fit fine, but if you have super long legs you may have a bit trouble.


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