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Where does everyone have the best luck finding the right clothes to fit?

Big and Tall seems obvious, only problem for me is the "and" part. I'm just tall, don't have a huge waist (although pizza and building websites at 3am helps).

Best spots I've found so far are.
* Mens Wearhouse
* KG Men Outlet
* Marshalls/Ross ( the tags aren't always right so sometimes you find gems for low cost dollar deals. This was must shopping in college).

I'm not sure about the girls, I'm sure they can chime in, but I've heard good things about Long Tall Sallys if you ever happen to be in London on Oxford Street.

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Thanks, this is a great tip! Although I live nowhere near a tack shop, I found there are many 'Western stores' online that sell jeans in 36 or longer inseam. Brands with long inseams include Wrangler's, Cinch, Petrol, Stetson and Ariat. One to try is Sheplers - link to tall section is here:

Hi, exactly the same story with me so I just created a site in clothing for tall people. No, not our friends who have to carry a bit more weight in life, or that we are being put in a category with "petite" as well. No we are tall and we deserve our niche.


One problem... For those of us in the U.S., freight is going to kill us from Amsterdam.  Do you have a location in the U.S.?

Hi Wayne,


Thanks for your respond.

It is a shoppingsite based on sites I found in the US, but since I am a European I focused a bit more on Europe. However, many of the advertisers are US based companies like Target, PZI, Alloy, Casual Male and others. In this sence the site can be usefull for you as well. We still need to work a bit on the communication to make clear that it is a combination of European and US advertisers. Thanks for checking it out and informing us.





Hi Guys,


I'm new to the site.  I'm Mark.  I'm 6'6", and I love wearing jeans, but can never find any that fit properly.


To solve this problem, I started sewing my own jeans for me.  After a while, I started sewing them for tall friends of mine.  


In January, I launched my own brand:  M Jeans.  Exclusively designed for tall men.   It's just a small thing, but may help some of you:


Thanks for having this forum!



Hey everyone, my twin sister and I are excited to announce that after several years of hard work, we have just launched our new online company. We will be expanding to more styles and sizes as our company grows, check it out:


Shoes... Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and REI

That's a great topic. To be honest I have always struggled finding shops to buy tall clothes in my hometown. So I now shop clothes and shoes online; mostly on 

I talk about it on my blog:

Only for big and tall men as I am one myself :) 

Thanks for the suggestion Pierre.  I noticed this was a UK company and it took me a bit but I finally found that they do deliver outside of the UK and this is the page with details about that

You're welcome! I also go to a few shops in town like Jacamo but I'm just not a big fan of the brand.. If it's not broken don't fix it! 

Thank you Cheyenne


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