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Where does everyone have the best luck finding the right clothes to fit?

Big and Tall seems obvious, only problem for me is the "and" part. I'm just tall, don't have a huge waist (although pizza and building websites at 3am helps).

Best spots I've found so far are.
* Mens Wearhouse
* KG Men Outlet
* Marshalls/Ross ( the tags aren't always right so sometimes you find gems for low cost dollar deals. This was must shopping in college).

I'm not sure about the girls, I'm sure they can chime in, but I've heard good things about Long Tall Sallys if you ever happen to be in London on Oxford Street.

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Hey guys - been reading through TTSJ for a little while now and became a member a few weeks ago. After suffering through most of my life trying to find decent tall clothes (I'm 6'5" with long arms) I finally went and did something about it.

Reading through this post and talking with several of you and others from other blogs/tall groups helped me confirm and refine my plan to start a clothing label specifically for tall guys. No cheap imports, no generic low-quality clothing. Everything designed exclusively (by great North American designers) for the label and sold in an online store. And when I say tall, I mean slim to average size guys (might even fit you, TallDinLA!), from about 6'4" to 7'0". After spending most my life hunting for decent tall clothing I'm really excited to be working on this project. Find out more details at:

There you'll find lots of info, plus details of my Twitter (@verticalwrkshop) and Facebook account. Thanks to Cheyenne and Roy Parkin (and others) for your feedback and insight during the planning phase. I welcome additional feedback, suggestions, or ideas from anyone, anytime! At this point it's really just me running the show...a real grass roots effort!
Hey guys... just wanted to let you know that I've posted some pictures and info of our first t-shirt line on the website:

We're also actively taking suggestions on the next release of clothing, so if there is something you are eager to see in a tall size please let me know!
I was in Calgary last week and visited the Tall Girl Shop there. It was probably one of the first tall shops for women in Canada and became a chain. I didn't like going there. The clothes were too "old" for a teen and a bit on the expensive side too.

Apparently they have had severe financial problems and have been bought out by Long Tall Sally of the UK. This is potentially very good news for Canadians as Long Tall Sally has some good clothing. There were Tall Girl Shops in the US, but I don't know if they are covered by the buyout.

I no longer live in Canada, but maybe some of you can use this as they bring in their stock.
Carhartt sells nice canvas pants in a myriad of earth tone colors in a 36" inseam. You can get a waist as small as 29"!
LUCKY brand Jeans are about a 35 1/2" inseam in their long
REI sells tall long underwear
I'm just tall as well. 34x36 pants, 16 neck, 42XL suit
It's a bear.
New to this journal..hi everyone. Recently found, they have a nice selection of denim and other items but I have only purchased a pair of jeans from them. Also have an awesome customer service too. Also like, haven't bought anything from them yet though.
Hi Everyone, my name is Kim and I recently started a website for tall ladies to sell and buy gently used clothing. I am 6'2" and understand how difficult it is to find clothing that fits! This site is a great way to clean out your closet and know the clothes are going to someone who will use them and appreciate the length. It's like an on-line garage sale of just tall womens clothes! It is called No Heels Required. Here is the link: Sign-up for the site is free and each posting is $3.00 for 30 days of posting! If anyone has anyone has any questions, please let me know!
For men, try

It's a resource I've set up covering stores and brands that stock high quality clothes for tall men - both tall slim and big tall.

I've found a lot of the online suppliers are pretty disappointing when it comes to high quality clothes, especially if you are tall and slim, and I've tried to highlight those that stand out for quality (not puns intended!).

Please send me your feedback - I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions!
Hey guys - just a quick note to announce that Vertical Workshop is now open! As some of you know, Vertical Workshop is a grass-roots effort by tall guys, for tall guys. If you've never heard of us, check out our blog here.

You can also check out our TTSJ group page. We may post some TTSJ exclusive coupons on that group page occasionally, so join our group so you don't miss out!

But most importantly, don't miss our early pre-order sale where you can get 20% off your entire order! Check our our store and all the details here (expires June 6, 2010).

And let us know if you have any questions!

[email protected]



I tried to pull up your website, but it said it was down. Please let me know if you are still in business and when the site will be back up. Thanks!



If you live in Utah we have the D.I. (Deseret Industries). It's a thrift store you can donate to as well. I've gotten great dress clothes from there from $6-$8 a piece: like 38" inseam dress pants and corduroy, and office shirts that fit perfectly (I'm a strange fit because small neck/chest but long arms/torso).

Trying stuff on is easy you don't have to ask anyone for keys or that kind of thing: it's all open: so it's easy to try on a lot of clothes quickly. This is very useful because sizing differs a lot between brands. Some brands are extraordinarily long. Sometimes small things are wrong with the clothes like it's not hemmed or a button is missing or something like that, but it's very cheap, and a good portion of the clothes have nothing wrong with them at all.
I have a suggestion for those that like to wear jeans but cannot find them in tall sizes. Go to a "tack" shop that sells horse accessories (don't get offended yet, hear me out) and jeans as well. I don't own a horse, but went into a tack shop, just for kicks, called "Horsetown", north of Atlanta. I was suprised at the HUGE variety of jeans they sold. I was even more suprised to find that they had my size, with a 36" inseam! I told the lady at the checkout how happy I was to find jeans in my size at her store, and she told me they carry longer sizes for cowboys because cowboys don't like the jeans to "hike up" on their legs while they ride their horses, resulting in their boots getting scuffed up. Check one out in your area.

The problem I have with the so-called "Big and Tall" stores is they do not carry dress pants in a 38" waist size. They start usually with a 44" waist and go up. They really should call themselves "Obese and Tall Men's Store", or something. They are missing out on a lot of sales by not carrying sizes in less than a 44" waist size. At regular stores, they have a 36" or 38" waist, but no pants in a 36" inseam. So, I am stuck in the middle. Its sooooo frustrating. I buy pants online, but the quality isn't always good.


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