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Where does everyone have the best luck finding the right clothes to fit?

Big and Tall seems obvious, only problem for me is the "and" part. I'm just tall, don't have a huge waist (although pizza and building websites at 3am helps).

Best spots I've found so far are.
* Mens Wearhouse
* KG Men Outlet
* Marshalls/Ross ( the tags aren't always right so sometimes you find gems for low cost dollar deals. This was must shopping in college).

I'm not sure about the girls, I'm sure they can chime in, but I've heard good things about Long Tall Sallys if you ever happen to be in London on Oxford Street.

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I found a great place in Canada called Long Legs. They have a great selection of clothes, everything from suits, to yoga wear to jeans. They carry Rock & Republic, Hudson, Mavi, Dish, Silver and even their own line of jeans. The staff was really helpful when I placed an order they called me to confirm and I was able to ask questions about the clothing and the sizing. They have a couple of locations in the Toronto area but their online store ships all over the world. I had great luck with this store!
Hello Girls !
I have some long and sexy jeans/pants to sell. Let me know if you have any questions.
My email is [email protected]

I find the Tall Girl shop is kind of out of style and have not been happy with their quality lately. Everything i buy seems to fall apart after a few washes. A friend of mine told me about (her new favorite store) called LONG LEGS FASHIONS FOR TALL WOMEN . The website is . I have ordered from them a few times and the stuff is really amazing. I was ready to get disappointed because i am always leary of ordering online but to my surprise the quality was fantastic. I was pleaseantly surprised. Still havent tried Long Tall Sally - will have to try that soon but have heard some reports that the quality isnt the greatest - but i will see.
I agree with Judy, www. is where I order most of my pants and jeans. They have a good selection for 37 and 38 in inseams.
The Buckle Store and Lucky Brand Jeans come pretty long, 37in.... Its really hard having a cute sexy style when your tall. The clothing is just so hard to find. Next best thing, BUTT NAKED at a NUDIST COLONY. It never goes out of style and paint is a great accessory. lol Just joking
There is a chick in my Tall IN Indy that does some pretty rad body painting...

And are you reeeaaalllyyy joking? (j/k)
I agree Men's Warehouse and some times Burlington coat factory too.
Hi everyone, this is a list of online shops for tall women. Me myself need 38in inseam. If you happen to be in London you can actually shop off the rack in a lot of their stores in Picadilly Circus area which includes Oxford Street.

Here are a list of shops I have found some tall clothing.
and for shoes I find some large sizes at and and Zappos.
I have found High and Mighty is a good choice for men. They have a couple of dozen stores across the UK, including 3 in London, and have an international website at

They also have stores in Holland, Belgium, Iceland, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, if you're passing, but none in the US unfortunately.
Much of my clothing comes from Duluth Trading Company. All of their t shirts have an extra 3" in the length and their talls are even longer. Their clothing is kind of Carhartt-esque, but the prices are better and the build quality is better. The first pair of jeans I ever bought from them are 3 years old and are still in great shape despite hard use.
Are there any other "small talls" out there? I'm 6'6.5" and 120 lbs... 24" waist (hips not much bigger) and a 36 inseam. Pants have been a nightmare to find ever since I was a pre-teen. Sometimes I've been able to find 30 waist with 36 inseam, but that's rare. JCPenney has been a good source for me, but the smallest waist with most of the brands they offer (with a 36 inseam) is 32. So, I've had tailors take them in as much as possible. It's really difficult to do that with jeans, though... and I often still just have to cinch them up as best I can with a belt and wear them down on my hips.

Fortunately I live in Los Angeles... and am self-employed... so I can get away with wearing shorts most of the time. I do have to buy my shorts from the boy's department to get my waist size, but longer inseams with shorts are available here and there... so they don't look totally ridiculous on me.

I don't have to worry so much about tall sizes in shirts since my torso isn't long... and I can find size small t-shirts anywhere. Long-sleeved shirts are a different story... the sleeves are never long enough so I've ALWAYS had to roll them up to the elbows. Sometimes I've had a tailor take in the chest and shoulders if it's too big on me, but that process can sometimes be more expensive than the shirt itself!

Unfortunately I can't find "small tall" sizes in shirts anywhere! Maybe we're the minority, but surely I can't be the only one out there!

I wear size 8 shoes... and am often asked, "How do you keep your balance?" But, I have to say, even if I do have to endure being teased about having small feet as a tall guy, it's easy to find my shoe size anywhere. That's the one saving grace!

I am also a "small tall". For years I've been wearing ill-fitting shirts and pants because of this. I am 140 pounds and 6'2 . For shirts either I get a medium, and have it be way too wide for me on the shoulders and around my back, or I get a size small shirt and the shoulders and back fit good, but the sleeves and length of the shirt is too short. I'd been buying mediums for years, but started buying smalls now. I'd rather have the shirt fit my shoulders and back and be short as it's more comfortable then big baggy shirts. I've looked up about big and tall stores, and seem they only offer medium tall sizes and above which does me no good

As for pants, It is very difficult to find anything to fit me as well. I have a 29 waist and I need a 32 in the length.  That size actually pops up occasionally, but it always seems to be in the skinny jean variety. I am skinny, but my legs aren't super skinny. Like if I wear normal straight cut jeans they are ridiculously baggy on me. But for skinny jeans they are way too tight around my knees and crotch and makes me cranky the moment I put them on ha. Makes me walk like a robot. I've found a few pair of pants that have the legs cut slim, but give a little room for my knees to bend. They aren't jeans though. I found some decent pants at H&M. They are skinny, but aren't jeans material. I found them way too tight around the crotch area though so had to get a size 31 waist and wear them with my belt. The legs are good though. I also managed to find a pair of black dress pants at JC Penny's in 29x 32 that fits me perfect. Besides that though most of my pants don't fit right. It's really annoying.

I recently had some luck in finally finding a sweater that fits me correctly. I'd read online that Forever 21 has stuff that is slim cut that fits tall skinny people well. I managed to find a black hooded sweatshirt in size medium which fits me perfectly. It's long enough because its a medium, and actually isn't baggy on my shoulders and sides because it's cut so slim. It seems like for me this store might have more stuff that will fit my body type correctly, even though it seems a bit embarrassing to buy stuff there since the store caters mostly to women and gay guys it seems. They have some stuff with no logos though, and my sweater is like that.


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