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I actually have the answer for this one verified by two sources.The first was the new mobile human/computer powered search company Cha Cha. The second was the actual person who holds this record.

The record is 24 inches, although he claims his hair now stands 28 inches he just hasn't gone back to Guinness to re-establish his record.

Record Holders Mohawks Rock Profile

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damn i wish i had a pic of mine... used to be the same hight... stood 8 feet from the ground
Nice. Mine is over 8 feet tall as well. Actually a few months ago this guys record was broken and the new current record is 27 inches. The guy only kept it for a day though. I will definitely be including him in my 2008 Top Mohawks article later this month.
only a day? i grew mine from 1 foot to over 2. and now i am kinda tempted to get it back just to see if i can beat that record. but i used to have a team of 5 people working on mine for an hour to get it up properly. but it would always fall down after 5 min on stage playing some good old punk rock
Eric Hahn is the name of the guy with the new record of 27 inches.


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