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What are some of the dumb quotes or things people have said to you about your height.

Heres my kicker from the last few weeks.

Standing at the elevator this professionally dressed 40ish looking woman does your typical look, look back, look, look back scenario, then finally hits me with the typical "Did you know you are tall?"

Of course this is an absurd statement to say in the first place, but I politely said, "Yup, a bit bigger than the average bear", or some other non-chalant quip I've developed over time.

Then she doubles back with "No. Really. Did you know that you are REALLY tall".

Umm. Yeah. 30 years of this, figured it out by now. Got you on that one Roger Dodger, I think in my head, politely nodding my head with a little "Yup."

Finally, I kid you not, she uttered this gem "Are you a mutant?"

I wanted to say so many different things like "Uh, yeah, you know Wolverine he is my brother" or "Yeah, I used to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle". Fortunately, I took the higher.. er taller road and went for the stairs.

What lines and/or stories have others had to deal with?

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Years ago a friend of mine that was rather short, was talking about how he has a vast array of shopping inventory to look at because he can shop in the men's department, as well as the boys.  I stated that I thought that he was quite lucky as I have a hard time finding clothes my size because short people like big or baggy, and can have clothes tailored smaller.  What I get is left over ugly or expensive (or both sometimes).  He calmly stated that freaks of nature should have to pay more for their clothes...


Oh well.  For his birthday I bought him clothes from the baby department - Geranimals if I recall correctly!

I am 6'5, but really like the attention I get being tall, so I actually don't mind comments at all.  Most people wish they were taller, so any comments you get should always been seen as a compliment, in my opinion.

The usual comments, "wow, you are really tall!", "do you play basketball?", "how tall are you?"...those are all pretty standard.

What I always get from people I know (friends and family), is after not seeing me for a while they ALWAYS ask, "did you get taller???".  Then when I say no, they always insist that I must have gotten taller, hahaha.  I just say, you must forget how tall I really am.

My favorite though is when women use me as a human ruler to measure them selves against.  They seem to love to comment how they only come up to my elbows/chest/whatever.  I should start wearing a shirt with ruler markings, so people can accurately measure themselves.

OH, I really wanted to add a funny story.  When I was 16, I went on a three week, student trip to China.  While I was there, I was like a celebrity (being 6'5 and American).  SOO many Chinese families came up to me and wanted their pictures taken with me.  Again, I liked the attention so I was always willing to oblige.  Bottom line, if you are really tall and like attention, then take a trip somewhere in Asia!

P.S.  I also got an interesting picture of my size 14 foot next to the foot of an older Chinese woman who had the traditional bound feet that used to be common practice in China.  My foot was at least twice as long as hers!

Most of the comments I get..I just let go, like water off a ducks' back..but I've learned not to comment on another persons' obvious attributes..because like me, they've heard it all before...and hey, who Really wants to be one of the crowd anyway...;)

Guys, tall is strictly relative. I'm 7 ft. and 53 years old. I say that because the generations in their 30's to 40's produced more taller people, and there are a lot of kids in their late teens to 20's who go well past 6' 10". Not too long ago I turned the corner in a shopping mall in Mobile Ala. and these two VERY tall young fellows passed me. I didn't even come up to their shoulders. As they passed closely by, I felt like I was crop dusted by a couple of low flying planes. When I pivoted around to watch the two proceed like giraffes strolling totally unaware of any others around them. I overheard one tell the other,"It is going to be so cool next week when you turn 16 and get your drivers license. You can take us anywhere."  When I was in my 20's the stats for a 7 ft tall person was 1 in 46 million. Now the population of the earth has over doubled since I was born but the US population has only marginally expanded. This leads me to believe that the population of tall people is increasing, that is to say the stat is probably around 1 in 20 million or less now. There is a down side though. My grandfather was 7' 4", and it took me a long time to figure out why there were very few men of his generation over about 5' 4". Then it hit me. Their tall brothers were left on the beaches of the Pacific, on Omaha beach, on the shores of Iwo Jima. Tall people are easy to shoot and it took about 20 years for the gene pool to recover from the culling. A few comments about our size isn't even worth mentioning, when you consider all the other things that our height can bestow on us.

yes years ago working at a department store a young kid came in with his mother after walking past me a few times he stopped and looked at me and his eyes got wide and he said WOW and asked for a high five lol I just smiled


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